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SQUIRE stands as a pinnacle in environmentally friendly and technologically advanced coatings, setting a new standard for floor restoration, enhancement, and protection against microbial growth. Primarily utilized over Epoxies, Polished Concrete, and Grind and Seal Floors, this versatile product spans eight different industries. Its applications extend beyond traditional flooring, making it a preferred choice for power equipment, boats, scaffolding, and vertical surfaces.

What makes SQUIRE truly exceptional is its capacity to cultivate a thin layer of glass atop surfaces, rendering them impervious to chemicals and staining. This innovative feature facilitates easy cleaning and, with extended intervals between recoating, translates into long-term cost savings. Unlike common water-based sealers employed by many sealing companies, our SQUIRE ensures lasting floor protection for years.

Key Features:
– Withstands heavy commercial traffic and light residential use
– Repels dirt and stains, effortlessly cleaned with hot water and soap
– Gloss finish available; explore different sheens with our Single Component and Satin Pack Grenades
– Non-slip properties ensure safety
– Resistant to chipping or peeling
– Odor remediation capabilities

Choose SQUIRE for a floor coating that not only elevates aesthetics but also delivers enduring performance, making it the superior choice for various applications across different industries.





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