In an effort to maintain the quality and standards of the Classic Three-Component products, BallistiX Coatings and Sealers has paid special attention to both the consumer feedback as well as the limitations of the technologies. Over a series of two years, these products have been designed and refined to offer exceptional results in commonly overlooked and underperforming metrics. In an attempt to maintain heat thresholds, while increasing abrasion and chemical resistance, the development of single-component silane hybrids has given BallistiX an opportunity to perform above the standards. In a direct assessment of the competition, BallistiX boasts double the heat-resistance while maintaining slip-resistance, increasing chemical-resistance, and doubling abrasion-resistance. In a world that is conscious of its carbon footprint, BallistiX now is proud to boast an extreme low-odor, low VOC solution without a loss in performance. While we continue to innovate, years of feedback and data now allow us to extend work times, POT life and coverage all while considering the budget of our installers and the end consumer.  


Premium grade, the two-component blends by BallistiX consider the finest grade of materials providing the utmost level of protection, while still requiring a minimalistic approach in preparing your own materials. The 2-PART blends do not require the user to monitor heat or time during the mixing procedures. They are simply added to one another with a quick shake and application. STEALTH COAT is easily applied in almost any desirable fashion from rolling or mopping to simple “spray-only” application. This adapts similar space-age technology and techniques that have been tested and approved under the guidelines and requirements of space travel, specifically within the conditions of our thermosphere. This presents protection against extremely high-heat environments and harsh UV-exposure, all while being the thinnest application of coatings in our lineup. This maximizes chemical, heat, UV, and abrasion resistance. 


The original formulations, our Traditional line consists of three-part, thin-mil., maximum protection that requires basic understanding and certification pertaining to the three-component mixing process. The Traditional line is the most popular of the BallistiX coatings; offering 1200° F heat resistance, antimicrobial/synthetic composition, slip-resistance, elimination of odor, stain/dye resistance, UV-impervious protection, hydrophobic characteristics, acid-resistance, petroleum proofing, and many more state-of-the-art functionalities. Offering a covalent-bond, BallistiX products do not require abrasion or profiling of substraates. Our products will literally bond to glass.


Resists Chemicals & Stains

Indoor & Outdoor

Handles Extreme Temperatures

UV Impervious

Resists Microbial Growth

Extends Surface Life


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