Vinyl Preparation and Application Procedures

BallistiX Ranger Products

BallistiX Ranger products are for use on vinyl and expandable/contractable surfaces (LVT, VCT, rubber, etc).

Products Needed

  • BallistiX Ranger (Parts A, B, C, & D)
  • Commercial cleaner/degreaser
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) 99%

Safety Equipment

  • First aid kit – eyewash bottle
  • Goggles
  • ½ face carbon filter head respirator
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Red “DANGER / DO NOT ENTER” tape
  • Safety barriers
  • Walk off paper, rugs
  • Painters visquene
  • Painters tape


Essential Equipment

  • 175 RPM machine
  • Extractor or walk behind wet dry vacuum
  • 6-gallon pail and wringer mop
  • Appropriate wax removal stripper/solution
  • Rinsing agent
  • Black stripping pad
  • Standard is okay but a Hy-pro stripping pad is better; faster and more thorough
  • Nice to have a 60/120 grit sanding screen available for stains on VCT
  • Doodlebug with pad for corners and edges

Vinyl Pre-Application Procedures

Cleaning / Stripping of Waxed Surface

  1. Create maximum surface area by lightly sanding with 80 grit sanding screen
  2. Apply wax stripper and allow to dwell for 15 min (DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY)
  3. Scrub with a 175 RPM machine using the black stripping pad – this will assist in releasing the wax
  4. Squeegee the floor and vacuum excess solution
  5. If any wax still remains, repeat stripping process
  6. After confirmation of complete stripping of wax, rinse floor with Safety Clean
  7. Dry floor with Air Mover
  8. Dry vacuum floor – pay special attention to the corners and along side walls (all dust must be removed)
  9. Go through Cleaning Validation Steps (see steps to the right)
  10. Apply Alcohol to floor using microfiber swing machine pad (pad available from BallistiX)
  11. High-Speed or Low-Speed buff the entire floor


Cleaning Validation (Prior to Alcohol Application)

  • Check pH of floor
  • Floors to be coated, pH must be between 6 – 8 for optimal finish
  • If pH is not in acceptable range, repeat rinse with Safety Clean
  • Re-dry and Vacuum floor

Ranger Mixing Instructions

Note: Ranger is sold in a kit with 2 separate gallon kits and includes 2-16 oz. bottles of flow agent additive (Part D) that is added equally to each catalyzed gallon at time of application.

Vinyl Application Procedure

  • Apply primer coat on old tile
  • Using your approved microfiber pad, spray product onto pad liberally
  • Tamp the pad on the floor in order to even out the amount of Ranger on the pad
  • Lightly spray additional Ranger to the pad to ensure entire pad is saturated with Ranger
  • Spray workable amount to leave behind ultra-thin coating
  • Immediately use pad to spread Ranger onto surface with a left to right motion

Tips for Success

  • Coverage rate (up to 1,200 sq/ft per gallon)
  • Work with speed & minimum 2-Man team
  • Maintain wet edge (3-minute time table)
  • One touch only
  • Use Painter Technique
  • Cut in edges
  • Fill in the field

Maintenance Procedures

1.Daily remove debris from surface

2.Daily vacuum, sweep and/or dust mop

3.Daily mop floors with hot water mixed with cleaning solution as directed

4.Rinse with hot water and allow to dry


  • NEVER use harsh chemicals or equipment
  • NEVER apply other coatings to surface
  • ALWAYS follow the above procedures

When surface is in need of a high shine:

  • Clean floor with cleaner such as Ameripolish Cleaning Solution using hot water, and buff floor with WHITE pad (highly recommended for better performance)
  • Do NOT maintain floor with a Black or Red Pad – extremely unnecessary!

Large Remediation Procedures

Resurface Large Areas

  1. Clean with Safety Clean
  2. Evenly reduce gloss level by going over entire surface area with Norton Abrasive Sand Dollar Floor Abrasive
  3. Rinse
  4. Check pH (pH 6-8)
  5. Buff the surface using 175 RPM machine with white pad
  6. Vacuum the floor and damp mop with flat mop using Safety Clean and allow to dry
  7. Re-apply Ranger coating

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