BallistiX Counterattack


Low solids, single component coating easily applied to focal applications/installations by use of wiping, rolling, or spraying.

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Considering all of the customer feedback we have received in regards to our products, specifically epoxy, COUNTERATTACK was designed to produce every benefit that all of our sealers combined could offer. This includes the anti-corrosive benefits of KEVLAR, the expansive benefits of RANGER, the superior chemical-resistance of SQUIRE, and the ease in install of our lower-solids NCO. COUNTERATTACK is our most versatile product, used in over nine industries. COUNTERATTACKs primary intended use of offering a food-safe, bacterial-inhibiting, high-heat and virtually scratch-proof environment grew and progressed into a large-scale opportunity that allowed a spray-only application that did not repel or reject on present surfactants much like other highly-sensitive reactive silanes. Great for use on focal and vertical applications. While this product can be used on vehicles, it is not to be compared with auto-detailing ceramic coatings. This technology has been designed specifically for hard-surface install. Do not let the name sway or limit you. COUNTERATTACK will withstand even the harshest of foot traffic and can be installed with ease. 


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