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Black Stripping pad is recommend for prepping concrete, and for remediating the product after it has been installed. The product may only be removed and replaced up to 12 hours after install OR after 5 days of install. Black stripping pad is not recommended for epoxy as it is equivalent to 100 grit and will scratch soft materials.

Maroon SPP pad is used to prep and clean polished concrete and some epoxies depending on the presence of aluminum oxide.

Teal or Tan pad is used in the instance where epoxy is to be covered with BallistiX prior to epoxy chemically curing and should be used with Isopropyl 99% and followed with a dry red pad and a dry white to give epoxy gloss like finish and refine any micro scratches.

Red pad is most commonly used for basic cleaning of epoxy and other surfaces. It can be run dry or with Isopropyl 99%

White pad should be used dry on all applications to remove fine dust particles from polished and honed concrete pores and to give surfaces a final buff.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 in

Black, Maroon SPP, Teal/Tan, Red, White


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