Introducing the Squire 2.0 Reloaded, a cutting-edge two-component topcoat/sealer designed to elevate the protection and aesthetics of various surfaces. This professional-grade solution stands as the ultimate choice for concrete, epoxy, natural stone, VCT, LVT, LVP, and all tile and grout substrates. Unleash the potential of your surfaces with a glossy finish that not only enhances their appearance but also provides unparalleled durability.

Elevate your experience with Squire 2.0 Reloaded, the ultimate choice for those who demand nothing but the best in performance, durability, and aesthetics.

Black label


Introducing Black Label, the pinnacle of innovation in protective coatings! Elevate your surface protection game with our upgraded product that takes performance to new heights. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, Black Label delivers a remarkable 30% increase in chemical and abrasion resistance compared to its predecessor, setting a new standard in durability and longevity.

Formulated to withstand the harshest conditions, this advanced coating is designed to provide unparalleled protection for a wide range of surfaces. Whether you’re safeguarding industrial equipment, automotive finishes, or household surfaces, Black Label is your ultimate defense against the elements.



Unleash the power of BallistiSeal ADVANCED – where cutting-edge technology meets effortless application for the crème de la crème jobs! This ultra-hard, proprietary polyester blend with a dynamic two-component formula is your ticket to the pinnacle of performance.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? BallistiSeal ADVANCED boasts a high-gloss, low-VOC mixture that’s not just ready to use – it’s ready to transform. With exceptional cross-linking density, this top-tier topcoat delivers superior chemical and mechanical resistance, allowing for multiple coats if your project demands perfection.



Introducing BallistiSeal PRO, a cutting-edge single-component epoxy acrylic sealer engineered to provide robust defense for a diverse range of concrete surfaces. Its rapid-drying nature, coupled with outstanding water resistance, ensures durability for both indoor and outdoor applications. This unique formula encapsulates all the performance advantages of a 2-component system, simplifying application with its user-friendly single-component design.



This enhanced version of our wildly popular COUNTERATTACK coating is virtually fool proof with an ease of installation that even a DIYer can feel confident completing. Simply apply by rubbing product into the surface/substrate and hand-buff to completion. This product is virtually invisible and is extremely versatile, reacting to very few impregnating sealers, giving installers the ability to offer additional protection without removal of current products. 

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